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  Z512, Z522 Digital / Analog

  Mass Flow Controller / Meter


  SEC-Z512X SEC-Z522XN SEC-Z522X


  SEF-Z512X SEF-Z522XN SEF-Z522X

  Full-scale flow rate MR/MG number

  (N2 conversion flow rate) #R01:10SCCM













  Valve Type

  Flow rate at fully closed control valve

  Flow rate control range

  Flow rate measuring range (SEF)

  Operating temperature




  50 to 300 kPa (d)

  #5.5, #06: 100 to 300 kPa (d)

  Operating differential pressure (SEF)

  MAX. Operating pressure

  Pressure resistance

  Leak Integrity

  Flow rate setting signal

  Flow rate output signal

  Wetted materials

  1/4 inch VCR equivalent

  Option: 1.125 inch IGS

  Mounting orientation

  *1 The gas type and full scale settings for the SEC(SEF)-Z512MGX, Z522MGX, and Z522MGXN can be changed

  by the operator, using special software.

  *2 The flow rate precision guaranteed temperatures conform to SEMI E56-1296 standards. The precision is that

  associated with the full-scale MR and MG number values.

  *3 IGS: Integrated Gas System

  * SCCM and SLM are notations indicating the gas flow rate (mL/min, L/min, at 0°C and 101.3 kPa).

  Mass flow controller model *1 SEC-Z512KX

  Mass flow meter model *1 SEF-Z512KX

  O: Normally open C: Normally closed

  ≤ 2% F.S.

  2-100% of F.S.


  MR/MG number

  #6.5: 22SLM

  #07: 30SLM

  #08: 50SLM

  0-100% of F.S.

  Accuracy *2 ±1.0%F.S. ±1.0%S.P.(Flow rate>25%F.S.)

  ±0.25%F.S.(Flow rate≤25%F.S.)

  5 to 50°C (recommended temperature range: 15 to 45°C)

  ≤ 1 second: Over full flow rate range

  ≤ ±0.5% F.S.

  ≤ ±0.2% F.S.

  Operating differential pressure 50 to 300 kPa (d) 200 to 300 kPa (d)

  ≤ 300 kPa (d)

  450 kPa (g)

  1000 kPa (g)

  ≤ 5 x 10-12 Pa·m3/s (He)

  0.1 to 5 V DC (2% to F.S.); Input impedance 1 Mù or higher

  0 to 5 V DC (0% to F.S.); Minimum load resistance 2 kù or higher

  Digital interface

  With address function: RS-485 (transmission speed 38,400 bps)

  F-Net Protocol

  316L Stainless Steel (polished surface)

  Power supply

  +15V±5% 150mA

  -15V±5% 150mA

  Signal response

  Analog: D-Sub 9-pin (TOP)

  Digital: 2 LAN jacks (TOP)

  Standard Fitting *3

  1/4 inch VCR equivalent

  Option: 1.125 inch IGS, 1.5 inch IGS

  1.5 inch IGS


  Z512/522 Web Ver.001

  Subject to change without notice.

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